Couples Massage Workshop

Couples Massage

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Couples Massage is taught as an online overview CE class as well as an on-site, hands-on CE class through Ariana. Visit for details.


In a warm and supportive atmosphere, participants will learn techniques for revitalizing and renewing themselves as individuals and as a couple.  Proper draping techniques will be utilized.  Participants are required to be draped with a soft sheet or towel at all times. Easy to follow step–by–step instructions will be provided in a comprehensive course notebook that is included in your tuition.  In this experiential class, working in pairs, there will be opportunities to give a couple’s massage session as you are guided with individualized tableside assistance. The massage exchange experienced during this Couples Massage workshop is a wonderful way for couples to support one another through loving, receptive touch. In all cases, your modesty will be respected.  Proper draping techniques will be utilized during the couples massage lesson.  Participants are required to be draped with a soft sheet or towel at all times. As each respective section of the body is massaged, it is uncovered and then recovered as the lesson progresses. The pelvic areas and the breasts will remain covered at all times during the lesson and, while most people prefer to remove all clothing, you can elect to wear undergarments as you deem fit. Couples can be any two people – friends, relatives, life partners, or any two people with a desire to participate in one of the most enjoyable ways to relax and rejuvenate.  All the participants need is a willingness to let go and enjoy some quiet time with someone they care about.

For information about online couples massage overview classes at Ariana Institute, visit

Ariana Vincent directs the Ariana Institute in Houston, Texas, which offers continuing professional development for massage therapists. Ariana is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Massage Therapy Instructor who has practiced massage therapy and bodywork for thirty years. Her highest aspiration, personally and professionally, is to facilitate the integration of mind, body, and spirit, and to ultimately allow a state of balance to effortlessly and peacefully become an integral part of everyday life.

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