Mother and Child: Enveloped By Love

The Ariana Institute’s Medical Massage Therapy Manual is part of a series of massage manuals that are designed to help deepen the knowledge of current massage therapists and introduce new massage therapists to the world of massage and bodywork. The Medical Massage Therapy Manual features topics that are also available as NCBTMB approved online CE courses through the Ariana Institute at, including:

  • Prenatal Massage
  • Headache and Allergy Relief
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • HIV/AIDS Information for Massage Therapists
  • Pain Management
  • Geriatric Massage

This manual incorporates detailed protocols, photos, links to online videos, marketing strategies, personal stories, and resources to encourage a comprehensive understanding of medical massage therapy modalities beneficial for your massage practice.

Here’s a personal story about prenatal massage featured in the Medical Massage Therapy Manual.


My most memorable prenatal massage experience was with a wonderful woman, who, for the purposes of anonymity, I will call “Angela.” She had been a client for several years, and one day she happily announced that she was pregnant. This was her second marriage and they wanted a child together to compliment the two wonderful and greatly loved children she already had. I happily offered side–lying prenatal massage, being careful to observe the standard prenatal contraindications. While she was still a young woman at the time, she was close to entering the range of high–risk pregnancies. After she completed a thorough intake form and after I received permission from her OB–GYN, we developed a treatment plan that focused on her neck and lower back since her center of gravity was changing, as well as on her feet and legs. Angela and I proceeded with prenatal massage for several weeks until one day she came into my office very downcast. She said that the sonogram revealed multiple severe abnormalities in the fetus and it was feared that the infant would not survive after birth. This was quite a blow. We were in tears. She subsequently lost the fetus. I gave her several post–pregnancy sessions to help restore her to balance after such a tragedy.

Several months passed before I received a call from Angela. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she had good news. She said that she was once again pregnant. The sonogram revealed that she was carrying two very healthy girls; twins! This, combined with other factors and the fact that she was having twins, put her in the high risk prenatal massage category. So I proceeded with her prenatal massage sessions honoring the caveats and contradictions associated with high risk pregnancies. Once again, I contacted Angela’s physician and obtained permission to offer prenatal massage. She had nausea at the beginning the pregnancy, so I was careful not to offer any robust joint mobilization techniques that might have a negative effect on the nausea. The focus once again, at Angela’s request, was on her neck and lower back, as well as her hands and legs. Later in the pregnancy, we included more work on the rhomboids and trapezius as well as the gluteus minimus and piriformis. She responded well to massage therapy and looked forward to every session. She said that coming for her massage sessions was like coming to a sanctuary. I was glad that I had participated in prenatal massage training that included information about high–risk pregnancies and that I had researched high–risk pregnancies for the Ariana Institute Prenatal Massage course.

When the blessed day arrived and the girls were born healthy and happy, we all rejoiced. The experience of helping Angela through two pregnancies was remarkable and profound, and has had a lasting effect. We shared the sorrow of a loss and the joy of bringing two new lives into the world. I love prenatal massage; it spans the full spectrum of human emotion and it is a privilege to be a part of such a miraculous and life–changing experience.

Ariana Vincent was awarded the 2015 CE Provider of the Year Award by the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education. She is CEO of the Ariana Institute and a Nationally Certified Massage Therapy Instructor whose classes are accepted throughout the United States. Ariana is also a Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Honoree and author of the Ariana Institute’s therapy manual series available on Amazon.

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Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI, NCTMB
Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI, NCTMB


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